Oushak 350 X 250 Cm


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Crafted in the rich traditions of western Turkey, this classic Oushak carpet reflects the splendor of a timeless heritage. The soft beige background provides a subtle base for the refined palette of sky blue, apricot and soft taupe, while details in navy and cream enhance the complexity of the design. Named after the city of Uşak, Oushak carpets are known for their luxurious silky wool and large format designs, with the patterns often incorporating a combination of star and medallion motifs.

Category: Classical – Oushak

Historically woven by master weavers, these carpets are highly sought after for their supple textures and often large-scale patterns, which exude a lightness and spaciousness not found in many other carpet styles.

This Oushak carpet brings a piece of Ottoman splendor to your home and is an expression of refined taste and appreciation for hand-woven art.

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